About Tamimi

welcome1ALI ABDULMOHSIN AL-TAMIMI SONS COMPANY & its tents, steel & membrane factory is considered one of the oldest factories in the Middle East. The company was established more than 60 years ago (1370 in the Arabic calendar - 1950 in the Gregorian calendar) by Sheik Ali Abdulmohsin Al-Tamimi.

During this period the company has managed to remain the leader in the field, specialising in manufacturing and supplying all types of tents, steel & structural fabric for both the private & the public sector.

During the 90's, the company expanded its business to include manufacturing of the special steel structures required to support the big membrane structure projects and other types of facade and building structures.

THE COMPANY STAFF: The company employs 201 qualified personnel including Managers, Engineers, Administrators, Technicians and Skilled Labourers.

Customer satisfaction is our main objective, including the safety and welfare of our workers. Our factory is considered to be the largest in the Gulf area.

Our company activities and specialities include:


  • Specialising in steel manufacturing for buildings, stadiums, airports and bridges
  • Specialising in tents and tensile membrane structures
  • Specialising in steel cable structures
  • Specialising in storage tanks and telecommunication towers
  • Specialising in warehouses and hangars
  • Complete facilities with a wide range of high-tech equipment for making process pipelines and structural steel for refineries, desalination, chemical and power plants of various sizes, including painting, fire rated paint and sandblasting/shot blasting facilities
  • Roof covers for courtyards, swimming pools and reception halls
  • Tent hire for parties and sports arenas
  • Steel and plant equipment installation activities using heavy lift cranes
  • Machining and drilling activities
  • Steel cables - pre-stressing and tensioning

We owe our worldwide reputation to our sincere service, honest management and proper planning. This involves adjusting completely to the most diverse conditions. We live up to the high demands made by our global partners and our customers around the world.

Where We Come From

The roots of our tradition can be traced back to the year (1370 H - 1950G), when Sheik Ali Abdulmohsin Al-Tamimi started this business by manufacturing traditional cotton canvas tents & goat hair tents. The simple shelter, commonly used by native Arabs (the Bedouin), has been passed down from generation to generation, culminating in the advanced covers used in in tensile structure technology. Today, the company is run with a modern appreciation of management, while the traditional values remain unchanged.

The activities of the owners have demonstrated their close association with the company staff in a family working environment throughout the decades.

How We See Ourselves

We do what we say, and our ego is satisfied when we deliver a perfect service. Difficult questions and tasks are seen as a challenge which we solve using our experience and knowledge of our products. We adhere to the subject and analyse the requirements again and again until we successfully achieve the required goals.

We know our products, understand the task given and use our experience to find the right solutions.

We always look for the best solution, by turning our attention to new methods in an open and creative approach. Our goal is to satisfy our clients – our work is devoted to constant development and innovation in our products and services. We find the best solutions when the tasks given by our partners are understood, their expectations are met and our performance is appreciated.

We believe in experience and technology: for us, experience means our knowledge is tested in practice. We achieve a high level of skill by constantly training and improving our working staff. We use efficient regulations and control systems for rational and precise manufacturing in serial production, as well as in individual and project manufacturing to meet each specific customer’s requirements. Our employees are skilled in mechanised production procedures as well as in manual working methods.


Field of Activity

welcome1Engineering Design

We provide complete design solutions for all types of constructions including high-rise buildings, glass facades, steel structures, tension cables, membrane structures and concrete work, including 3D modelling, structural analysis and final design with workshop drawings. We also design special projects such as solar energy plants.

Steel Production

With a 9000 m2 steel production facility and state of the art CNC machines, many steel projects have been produced by our company. Our steel production includes long span 2 & 3 dimensional trusses, standard and non-standard beams, special built-up sections and special machining with our lathe machines. We also perform sand/shot blasting & complete high- standard painting in addition to fire rated paint work.

Fabric Production

Over 15 years’ experience in structural fabric production including PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) fabric. Our production plant (6000 m2) is equipped with a CNC cutting machine and state-of-the-art welding machines for both PVC and PTFE fabric. In the past few years we have produced more than 300 000 square metres of structural membranes for prestigious worldwide projects. Structural cable production In addition to our membrane structure production, we also produce cable end fittings including articulated forks, turnbuckles and threaded end fittings. Our cable swaging facility is capable of swaging up to 60 tonnes.

Our Clients

Building a reputation in a world of competitive trades is not an easy task. It requires genuine ethics in providing customers with not only good products, but also the right products. For more than 60 years Tamimi has been delivering these types of services to its clients as part of what has become a family business tradition. This tradition has been upheld from one generation to the next. Today Ali Tamimi Sons Co. has the pleasure and honour of maintaining good relations with old as well as new clients, in accordance with its valued traditions; it considers this to be the key to endless progress and fame.

HM The Custodian of the Holy Mosques
King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz
King Salman Bin Khalifa – Bahrain
Prince Ahmad Bin Abdul Aziz
Prince Walid Bin Talal
Prince Mohammad Bin Naïf .
HRH Prince Sultan Charity Foundation
Saudi Ministry of Interior and all its Department
Saudi Ministry of Finance & National Economy
Saudi Ministry of Public Works & Housing
Saudi Ministry of Agriculture
Saudi Ministry of Defense & Aviation and all its Departments
Saudi Red Cross.
Saudi Railways Organization
Kuwaiti Ministry of Defense Saudi National Guard
Qatar Amir’s Court
US Military Forces in the Gulf Area
American Army Corps of Engineers
Kuwaiti Ministry of Defense
United Nation Agencies in Saudi Arabia
General Motor Dealer in Saudi Arabia (AL JOMAIH COMPANY)
Toyota Dealer in Saudi Arabia (ABDUL LATIF JAMEEL COMPANY)
Haif Trading & Contracting Establishment
Al Faisaliah Tower
Riyadh High Commission
BUTEC Company of France
Kuwait Ministry of Interior
Saudi Binladin Group Public Buildings & Airports.
Saudi Oger Limited.
Saudi Ministry of  Education .
Haifa Al-Jazeera Co. Ltd.
Inmaia Co.
Riyadh Development Authority.
Al Rashid Trading & Contracting Co.
Saleh Al-Habib Investment Group
Butec SAL.
Hayfa Aljazeera Co.
State of Bahrain Ministry of Agriculture & Housing.
El-SEIF Engineering & Contracting Co.
Saudi Oger - Jordan .
ALsaghyer Trading Contracting Co.
Aljabria Trading Co.
Alorini Trading & Contracting Co.
Hadi Trading & Contracting Est.
Elite - International Kuwait
Sarh Attqnia Contracting.
Arriyadh Holding.
Ali, Ibrahim & Abdulaziz Bu Khamseen Company for Contracting.
Diyyar Najd Co.
Al-Shebaily Investment Group.

Contact Info

  • Address:
    P.O. Box 93979, Zip code 11683, Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
  • Tel: +966 11 270 3377
  • Fax:+966 11244 2178
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  • Website: www.tamimistructures.com