Membrane Structures

welcome1Known for its high tolerance and resistance to harsh weather such as high winds, rain, sunlight and snow.

The fabric materials used are polyester coated with PVC or fibre glass coated with PTFE. The design is suitable for a variety of different shapes and spans, and such advantages are highly recommended for roof covers, airport terminals, shopping centres, stadium roofs, and many car park shades.

Car park shades:

Suitable for vast spaces with different designs. It meets the needs of houses, hotels, ministries and companies as well as government buildings.

Sports Arena and General Building shades:

Many modern sports arenas are covered with membrane structures today. World-recognised architects use structural fabric in their design due to the advantages they can have in light transmission, as well as the flexibility in forms and spans offered by these types of fabric.

The tested durability of membrane structure fabric, with a life expectancy of more than 25 years, makes it the best choice for modern architectural building that requires long span roofs or/and natural daylight. Many buildings today use structural fabric, including airport & public building roofs, warehouse covers, harbour & railway station roofs, and stadium & swimming pool covers.

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